Oil Boilers

Oil boilers are generally used where there is no mains gas supply locally.  In many ways they are much simpler than gas boilers and therefore more reliable and can last a lot longer – oil boilers may easily last 20 or more years. 

Oil is not explosive at atmospheric temperature and pressure so it can be considered safer, however the oil or kerosene is itself an environmental hazard and must be handled carefully.  Oil spills are a concern that must be taken seriously and, sadly, oil is comparatively easy to steal – and those individuals who steal may well not be minded to look after your oil tank so that may also get damaged.

Oil remains a serious option when replacing a heating system “off grid” where there is no gas supply.  Although Net Zero concerns will stop oil and gas boilers being installed in new build properties, it is likely that they will be needed in many circumstances for some time to come and various forms of Bio- Oil are becoming available.

One thing that may be worth considering is that if you are replacing an old oil boiler with a newer one, look at installing it outside.  The main manufacturers make models that are fine to install outside which means no smelly oil in the kitchen or utility room!

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