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Liquid Petroleum Gas or LPG can be used by what are, to all intents and purposes, normal gas boilers which have been modified.  LPG has different physical properties and such boilers must be serviced and installed by engineers with the specific LPG qualifications.   One of the main LPG suppliers is Calor but there are numerous others.

LPG can be stored in cylinders or large bulk tanks which can be above or below ground.  Typically range cookers can be supplied by LPG gas bottles, but boilers are normally supplied by bulk tanks.

LPG is heavier than air.  This means that any leaks will flow down and will fill any low spaces – this means there are specific restrictions on where appliances or storage cylinders / tanks can be sited – for example you cannot have an appliance in a basement and cylinders must not be sited next to unsealed drains etc.  As LPG is highly explosive this is really important!

LPG has more energy available to burn per volume of gas than natural mains gas.  This has significant implications if you need to convert an appliance from Natural Gas to LPG – this is most common with cookers as they are generally sold ready for Natural Gas and must be converted by an LPG-registered technician.  Each of the gas jets (typically one per ring of a hob) must be changed with smaller brass jets so less gas is allowed out.  If this hasn’t been done the flame will be far too big, bright and uncontrollable.  Also, for cookers connected to the supply using a flexible cooker hose, the hose must be suitable for use for LPG as it can rot hoses that are not suitably constructed.

As with all gas appliances, LPG boilers should be serviced regularly to ensure safe operation.  For Service, Breakdown and Installation of LPG Boilers, ring Surrey Hills Heating Ltd on 07944 575970 or email us using the link below.

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