Oil Boiler Servicing and Repairs

Oil boilers really do need servicing every year and not doing this can cause significant, costly problems.  Because oil is a fluid that is forced out at high pressure in the burner, it wears the nozzle/jet and therefore this should be changed each service.  If this is not done then too much oil is sprayed out this will not burn correctly.  This will then result in the build up of soot or worse, oily soot which takes a good while to clean. 

As well as the nozzle, the flexible oil hoses that connect the fixed copper oil pipe to the burner need checking – they are only reinforced rubber inside the metal braiding and eventually they breakdown and start leaking. Long life flexible oil lines are now available which may also be suitable to use for the more aggressive Bio-Oil products and these generally have a green rubberised outside cover.

Every service the pressure of the oil pumped out from the burner’s oil pump should be checked – this affects how much oil is sprayed through the blast tube which then affects how well it burns.

Having checked how much oil is being released the combustion is checked to see how well the fuel is being burnt… typically we are looking for around 12% Carbon Dioxide. This can then be adjusted by altering the air intake to the burner.

If your boiler is blowing out very oily smoke – thick grey or black – you urgently need to get it serviced!  During normal operation, a plume of “smoke” is to be expected, but this is water vapour, particularly on modern boilers but the regular servicing of oil boilers ensures that the combustion is correct. 

Take care that the flue of the boiler is kept clear of all vegetation as this can cause exhaust fumes to be sucked back into the boiler which also leads to poor combustion and a dirty boiler!

A Carbon Monoxide detector inside the room where the boiler is situated should be considered essential.

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