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Based in Dorking, Surrey Hills Heating Ltd provide heating system ServiceRepair and Installation

Heating systems typically have three parts – the Heat Source (Gas, Oil, LPG Boilers, Air/Ground Source Heat Pumps), the Output System (radiators / underfloor heating) and the Infrastructure (associated pipework, valves, pumps and controls).

We specialise in the service, repair and installation of the Heat Source part, specifically Gas, Oil and LPG Boilers.

Working in an area generally 30-45 minutes’ drivetime from Dorking and covering the area generally known as the Surrey Hills, down to Guildford, Cranleigh and Horsham, up to Redhill, Epsom and Cobham.

Boilers typically use combustible energy sources which therefore means some elements are prone to heat damage. Gas energy sources can be explosive and oil is both inflammable and poisonous. The very process of combustion is never 100% complete and produces varying amount of Carbon Monoxide, a highly poisonous gas which can kill. It is therefore highly recommended that all boilers are serviced regularly – at least once a year.

Problems with the heating may be caused by issues with any element of the system. Typically 50% of issues are down to the boiler itself (depending on which type of boiler) and 50% with the rest of the system – valves, pumps and controls in particular.

Where the boiler seems to work fine but some radiators never seem to get hot, you may need to have the system Balancing or Powerflushing.

Whatever your heating system problem, call Surrey Hills Heating Ltd on 07944 575970 or email us using the link below.

Areas Covered:

We offer our services across the Surrey Hills area including Dorking, Westcott, Epsom, Guildford, East Horsley, Cranleigh, Ockley, Newdigate, Horsham, Crawley and Reigate.

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