Whether you need your heating/hot water system installed, repaired or serviced, Surrey Hills Heating can help. We are generally called in to resolve a specific issue and are happy to advise and price different options according to your requirements:

My Heating System Isn’t Working Properly

If the heating system isn’t working as you expect the first things to check are the following:

Does the boiler come on and stay on? If not, then there may be a problem with the boiler itself or with the controls

  • Circulation – If the boiler comes on and then goes off and stays off for 15 minutes or so, perhaps with some banging or clanking sounds, it is likely that there is an issue with circulation, most likely the pump needs replacing
  • Controls – if the boiler doesn’t come on when you expect it might be a faulty programmer (are any lights showing?) or thermostat (is it turned down too low?  Do you hear a “click” as you turn it up?

Does the boiler come on but some radiators don’t seem to work?

  • If the radiators are hot at the bottom and cold at the top, they may just need bleeding – removing air from the top
  • If the radiators are hot at the top but never get warm at the bottom or in the centre,  they may have a lot of oxide sludge in them, reducing the circulation. This is created by the reaction of water, dissolved oxygen and iron (in the steel of the radiators).  If so, this will also mean that valves, pipes and the boiler itself will probably also have a lot of sludge in which will make the system very inefficient and ultimately may stop the system working at all.  Powerflushing uses a special pump and cleaning chemicals to remove the free sludge in the system.  The addition of a magnetic system cleaner afterwards may also be appropriate to remove any sludge that is created in the future as well as the addition of a corrosion inhibitor to the water.
  • A radiator used to work well no longer does?  It could be that the Thermostatic Radiator Valve is stuck.  It may be possible to free this up by removing the head and pushing on the pin a few times, alternatively the radiator valve may need replacing completely
  • If a radiator has never really worked properly or stops working after the system has been changed, extended or a new boiler installed, it may need balancing.  Hot water being pushed around the system will always take the easiest route.  If some radiators are very hot then turning down the valve at the other end of the Thermostatic Valve can reduce the flow through one radiator and “push” the hot water to another that wasn’t working.  You may need to make multiple changes to all radiator valves to get the whole system working properly

Does the boiler not come on at all?

  • There may be an electrical problem with the motorised valves that direct the water around the property and they may need replacing
  • There may be an electrical problem with the Programmer or Thermostat
  • There may be a problem with the boiler itself

If you have any of these problems, call us now on 07944 575970 and we will endeavour to get your heating up and running as quickly as possible.  Remember, if your boiler has failed but you have a hot water cylinder (usually in the airing cupboard), you may have an immersion heater which you can switch on to heat the water – so you may be able to get hot water even though you don’t have any heating.

Boiler Replacement

Sometimes the boiler will need replacing.  Surrey Hills Heating Ltd will help you decide which boiler is best to install and give you options as to any other changes you might want to make to the system – for example, do you want to move the boiler to another location or get rid of the hot water cylinder and install a combi boiler?  Or install a pressurised “unvented” hot water system (often called a “Megaflo” after the leading brand).

We are not tied to any specific manufacturer and will advise you on or suggested options taking your priorities into consideration.

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